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41: Stunting Through Life

Jason Elwood Hanna is a stunt man, actor, martial artist and coach. He has worked on films such as Casino Royale, Black Panther, Avengers Infinity Way, and Avengers Endgame; among other famous action-packed T.V. shows and movies. We discuss his life on becoming a stunt man, his love of film and the joys he found by taking risks to follow his dreams.

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39: The Midwife's Tale

Sharon Schmidt, L.M., C.P.M., is a midwife who operates the Fruitful Vine Midwifery Service in Jacksonville, FL. In this episode, we discuss the profession of being a midwife, its history and the benefits of having a home birth. We also discuss Sharon's growing passion for genealogy research and why recording peoples stories for austerity is important in today's world.

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37: Hard Lessons from an Old School Cop

Malcolm "Mackie" Lamar Kendrick is a retired police officer from Savannah, GA. In an in-depth and eye-opening discussion we talk about police corruption, racism, politics, the heavy burden of being a police officer and how law enforcement has become more dangerous to work. We also talk about his undying love for his wife, his devotion to his disabled daughter and his love for Cher.

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36: He Makes Gay Porn, He's a Prostitute, and He's a Pretty Good Guy

Jason (his alias) is a gay/bi porn star, a prostitute and also has a regular job helping people. We talk about the common misconceptions about the porn industry, his business as a gigolo, the issues of living a double life, and how he spends time with his boyfriend and the charity he supports. Try to find him on Tom "Ropes" McGurk.

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35: The Crooked Path to Blacksmithing

Jordan Borstelmann is a blacksmith who owns Crooked Path Forge outside of Gainesville, FL. We talk about the life of a blacksmith, the process of creating sweet works of art and the ancient myths of being a blacksmith. We also share some bad dating stories, working minimum wage jobs. living in the woods and overcoming bad mistakes.

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34: “We’re Built for Winter”- A Resolve to Overcome CTE, Sexual Abuse, and Suicide

Garrick Clig is a personal trainer and a former football player for the University of Maryland. In this eye-opening and profound episode, Garrick bravely talks about suffering from CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), being suicidal, masculinity and having the resolve and courage to overcome tragedy. But, it’s in the last 15 minutes where Garrick heroically tells his story of being sexual abuse as a child and how he overcame it.

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33: He is a Punk Rock-Surfboard Building-Army Vet Kinda Guy

Sean Piper is an Army Vet with two tours underneath his belt, bass guitarist in the punk rock band Concrete Criminal, and he owns the custom surfboard shop called Ghetto Surfboards. Great episode as we go deep into discussing war, censorship and fun times from living Savannah, GA.

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30: A Walk on the Odd and Macabre Side

Wolfgang Von Mertz, or just Wolf, owns Wolf's Mystery Museum in St. Augustine, FL. He and his wife collect artifacts, art and oddities from around the world specializing in the strange and macabre. They have African artifacts, Dr. Kevorkian's art, and personal letters to Wolf from Charles Manson, and a bedroom dedicated to Lizzie Borden, among other things. We discuss his unusual hobby, his former career as an Air Force Officer and a Lawyer, and his love for animals, especially his pet chicken named Irma.

His museum has been featured in many documentaries and in an independent film titled, "The Laughing Mask."

Check out A Taboo Life's and Wolf's Museum of Mystery Instagram account to see photos of his collections.

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