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At The End of All Things

“At End of All Things There is and Shall Always Be . . .” 

A captivating and compassionate novella with an unforgettable ending; At the End of All Things is about a desperate man named Rick who treks into the Grand Canyon to perform a gruesome act, but a mysterious woman who seems to know more about him than humanly possible intervenes by telling him stories to help him change his horrifying decision. She tells of a man losing his path, a mother stopping a war, an old warship and her captain storming into battle one last time, and a boy reaching sainthood in a gang-controlled neighborhood in Chicago. These stories are connected to Rick somehow, and he questions the mysterious woman's reality. Is she real, a hallucination, or something much more? Most important, can she save Rick and help him see that there is something worth finding at the end of all things?

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