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The Malediction of Llewyn Glass

“You’re only as noble as your choices, Mr. Glass.”

What would happen if someone you loved was dying? Would you fight until nothing’s left, beg God to take you? Or, would you sell your soul to the Devil to save her?

The Malediction of Llewyn Glass is about a wayward lawyer and former Catholic priest named Llewyn Glass, who inadvertently sells his soul to the Devil to save the love of his life; only to find out he was conned into doing so. Llewyn has until next Halloween to find a way out of his deal or he’ll have to spend eternity in Hell. He is assisted by the mysterious but well-connected Sister Abigail, who sends him across the planet to face monsters, deities and other mythological beings in the hope that his odyssey will somehow find a key to his salvation. But, with every solution he finds, comes with a price which may cost not only his soul but humanity itself.

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At The End of All Things

“At End of All Things There is and Shall Always Be . . .” 

A captivating and compassionate novella with an unforgettable ending; At the End of All Things is about a desperate man named Rick who treks into the Grand Canyon to perform a gruesome act, but a mysterious woman who seems to know more about him than humanly possible intervenes by telling him stories to help him change his horrifying decision. She tells of a man losing his path, a mother stopping a war, an old warship and her captain storming into battle one last time, and a boy reaching sainthood in a gang-controlled neighborhood in Chicago. These stories are connected to Rick somehow, and he questions the mysterious woman's reality. Is she real, a hallucination, or something much more? Most important, can she save Rick and help him see that there is something worth finding at the end of all things?

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