"A Fool Visits a Strip Club while the Intellectual Visits a Brothel" - Why Prostitution is an Honest and Economical Profession


A month before I wrote this essay I went to my good friend’s bachelor party in Miami. We went out to a strip club each night we were there, with each one ended with the stripper yelling at me mid-dance because I fell asleep when she was on stage. I left early the last night and fell asleep at our hotel with the loud guys waking me up when they came back at four in the morning. One, let's say his name is Chad, said he spent $730 on a stripper, which slapped me out of my sleeping daze and I yelled, “You should have bought a hooker.” The guys laughed, but it had me thinking, besides the legality part, why would any educated man spend money at a strip club. The group of guys I was with was all highly educated and rational men but this taboo thought has stuck with me for a month. Here I will debate, from my experience, why it is foolish to even go to a strip club and why prostitution is a more economical and honest profession out of the two, maybe even in the world.

I would like for you to keep in mind that this logic also implies to women because they too go to strip clubs and have sexual desires as well. The extent to the percentage of women vs. men who was going to strip clubs are not known to me. It shouldn’t be surprising to the reader that women too visit strip clubs.  But, for the rest of the essay will bed addressed from the male perspective.

The Strip Club, a staple of every mans’ celebration. I celebrated many occasions with my brethren at a strip club. Bachelor parties, 21st birthdays (including mine which I ended up blacking out and stripping on stage) and even celebrated a couple of breakups in one (including a nasty one I went through). Don’t get me wrong, they are a great place to go out with the guys for a special occasion. But something I noticed which I could never get out of my mind is, “why are we paying for this?” Really, why are we paying for a naked woman to dance on your lap which you can never touch never the less have sex with? Yes, the hormones are going, and most men who go there are married, so this is a lite way to “cheat” but not “cheat.” But, why even bother paying for a stripper when all it is at its core is a rip-off?

Don’t believe me? Let's take this step by step then:

1.       You enter the club and pay a service charge. $10 for an average club. $20 and up for an upscale club.

2.       Depending on the local laws: Full nudity may be an alcohol-free bar while bottoms stay on are where you can buy alcohol. Either way, both places are going to require you to buy an overpriced drink. One time I had to pay $5 for a bottle of water, so use your imagination how much a beer or a cocktail costs.

3.       Some men forget to make a withdrawal before going into the club so expect a $4.50 teller fee from the ATM and a $4 fee from your bank.

4.       Depending how much cash you have, how drunk you are and what dancer you like on stage; you may spend $30 to $300 on just single dollar bills.

5.       Now the part I find interesting, because of my passion for non-verbal communication, are how the strippers use their body language to close the sale on a lap dance. The strippers I noticed who are successful are not only beautiful and charming but do engage in conversation and seem interested for a moment in listening to the potential sale’s story. They use direct eye contact to convey interest but what closes the deal is how they touch the potential sale. They always touch the shoulder, or upper arm then caresses their hand across the chest of the potential sale, which conveys interests.

6.       The potential sale then takes the bait and pays anywhere from $20 to $50 a dance, not including tip. This is not including the champagne room where there are roomers of even more action than just a lap dance, which cost more.

7.       The Stripper remains cordial and interested until you no longer want to pay for a lap dance; at which she moves on to the next potential sale.

Conservatively you are possibly paying around $70 for a visit with one dance. I am guessing, so these figures are not going to be accurate, which is not the point. The point is what value are you getting from a stripper besides a few memories you are going to masturbate to later and some lousy chub-rub? You are paying for the illusion of sex either way you look at it. What’s disturbing also is the repeat costumers who come back and keep paying for a false sense of companionship.

The benefits of the strip club are pretty wholesome once you think about it: a place where men can ogle at willing women who in turn get paid for it. Despite the clientele and the crime associated with strip clubs, it is a place where it is safe for both sexes to complete this transaction. This is not my issue with strip clubs. My problem is the rationale behind them. They only are in business because prostitution is illegal in most parts of the United States. If brothels competed with strip clubs then the rational man, any man would rather pay for sex.

In its essence, a brothel and its prostitutes (not including any sex slave workers) are honest compared to strippers because they are giving the clients exactly what they want. Prostitution and brothels are the world’s oldest profession and maybe the first business in existence. It's only recently in human history that they have become outlawed in most parts of the world, but their presence continues and will continue as long as humans have sex drives. Now the step by step process of entering a brothel (if you are in a place where it is legal) is as follows:

1.       Present Identification

2.       Meet with the prostitute you are interested in and negotiate the prices. It could be anywhere from $50 to $400 (Depends on the act and the prostitute).

3.       Commit the act.

4.       Thank her and leave.

Now the prostitute, if she is a pro, will use customer service techniques to keep clients coming back to her/ him (there are male prostitutes despite being a small population). As I stated before with my rough “guesstimate,” you might on average pay $70 for a strip club visit versus a possible $110 for a sexual encounter. Yes, it’s the typical price vs. value scenario; you are paying more for a prostitute, but you are getting what you want without the hassle of an awkward one-night stand or an insincere date with someone you whose only interest you have in them is a chance at sex.

If brothels were legal in the U.S., it will be in my opinion that strip clubs will be fewer in operation but brothels would not replace the total amount of working strip clubs due to local laws and sentiment. But, even though they will not outnumber the population of strip clubs, just the presence of a brothel in operation would siphon the profits those strip club because of the advertisement adage, “Sex Sells.”

 In conclusion, this is why an intellectual…or any person with a sexual drive and cash to spare, would in most situations choose the brothel over the strip club.

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