“I’m going to lie to you, you’re going to know I’m lying to you, and we’re going to call that business as usual”- The Custom of the Lie in America


I interviewed for a job once…actually, it was a few different jobs but with the same scenario. The position I applied for advertised for a management position at a decent salary. It was as the second interview where they broke the all too typical bombshell, “You would have to start on a lower position with less pay and work your way up.” They ended up passing on me passively aggressively through email instead of their previous method of calling me. The encounter led me to a thought which I can’t shake, are we accustomed to being lied to?

We sometimes accept the lies from employers because we need the money and often times feel powerless because of that power they hold over us. But shouldn’t we hold everyone around us accountable for their word?

Advertisers reduce our self-worth by getting us to buy the next model with a minor upgrade. The Jones’s bought it, so you need to buy them out. They invent terms like “halitosis” to sell mouth hygiene products. We’re told that if we had a particular body, drove an expensive car or wear the recent fashions that we can feel accepted and fulfilled. What happened to thrift and character? Doesn’t it mean something if someone exhibits the best of humanity but wears clothes from the Salvation Army?   But, can you blame the advertisers? They are people with a job they are trying to do and some with a family to feed. Most are ignorant or in denial of the consequences of their ads.

Why should we trust politicians? They pit neighbors against each other so they may keep their jobs which overcompensates them for doing a poor job. Liberal and Conservatism are essential thought processes which are equally needed for a society to survive and both have been around since we lived in tribes. We needed the conservative thought to instill tradition and protect us from outside threats. We need the liberal view to grow beyond our tribe. But, they pit are differences between each other to let them keep their jobs and not take responsibility for their words and actions.

Universities are allowed to charge an ungodly amount of tuition to children who may never pay off a debt which can never be forgiven through bankruptcy. For jobs which may or may not exist nor pay well enough after they graduate.  

Employers want employees to have a college education, not to be a person of critical thought but it fulfills a shallow quota. A quota to keep up with their competitors or fulfill a keep up their brand. The jobs offered can be done by someone with a high school diploma, which is why they pay as low as they do.

You have to censor yourself or else risk getting fired. You no longer have an expectation of privacy when you can be drug tested for a recreational drug you do at home.  And if you’re fired, it’s with a permanent mark which will haunt you for the rest of your life because you chose to smoke a plant.

Human Resources is a lie on its own for its no longer there to help the employee but to protect the company. Of course, you’re held accountable when you offend somebody who was never part of the conversation. But the higher ups can protect each other by covering up cases of sexual assault or fraud.

You can’t disagree with a social movement for fear of being mislabeled as a racist, sexist or some other damned-brand. Instead, you’re left with the option of keeping quiet or expressing yourself to the point of personal risk.

Social media began as an innocent and fun way of sharing pictures, staying in touch with friends or seeing who is single. Now we feel inadequate from what others things people are posting, and we hide our true selves for the idea of being liked. The social media companies mislead us on their collecting of our data and the selling of it to the advertisers and political entities who mislead us into a deeper vicious circle of debt, insecurity and political divide.

From a President who lies as a way of life, he is right in calling out the media. How many times has news programs misled the public for ratings or advertisement sales? How many “epidemics” did we have but the statistics didn’t add up? How many times did police officers lose their careers for a proper action but the public was misled by not reporting the full story? When did it become okay to stop conducting proper investigative journalism but instead cover the Kardashians?

But, the blame in all of this is us. We deserve better from work, the media; the government but especially ourselves. Truth, candor, and individuality is a commodity which is losing value against a narrative where we all see it as for what it is but are afraid to do something about it. America is still a great country, and its diversity of ideas and people is what makes it great. The concept of the individual is something essential to America, and I hate to see that institution under attack.

Please, express yourself freely and responsibly. Look for the facts but don’t show bias to them. Truly listen to your neighbor and know you can both learn something from each other if you give each other a chance. Know that you’ll never be perfect, but you were never meant to be. You can be Jesus Christ, and there are still going to be people who want to crucify you. In the end, if we all demand from ourselves and from others the truth, then our country can be a better place for the generations after us.

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