“Like a Fine Wine”- The Allure of an Older Woman


There is something to be desired about a woman who used age to accentuate her beauty, and knows what she wants but humble enough to see a good thing in front of her. A lesson which can only be learned through time and experience; a refined maturity. Maybe this is why I find an Older Women so enticing. Not just for her mature beauty but for the unrestrained passion she has.

There was a time in my twenties where I exclusively searched for the relations with an older woman. Despite being taboo, I found an one to be more provocative then woman my age. At first, I couldn’t understand my attraction to them. I shamelessly thought because they were easy to get. An attractive male with exotic features, who loves to have fun was any easy lure for these women. But, as I’m older, I see the truth as not because they were easy but because they were easy. Easy in a way to deal with and talk to, as she has the fortitude not to play games. The intimate conversations were never restrained by insecurity, and the passionate sex was undeniable.

Alas, I was young and insecure as I focused more on what others might think then what I was satisfied with. There is a heavier taboo weighed against a younger man with an older woman then the opposite. I felt this myself and unfairly kept an emotional distance between the women I dated. A shame I realize as an older man it was a waste, for who really cares in the end?

I wish I treated them better because they were great women, but I let my insecurity get the best of me. There were a few I would have at least tried harder with. And there are some who I hurt because of my immaturity. None were regrets.

At the age of 30, I find women younger than 23 unappealing. Women my age are lost in both their lives and on their phones. But an older woman will never lose her appeal for there is a comfort in a woman who had lived a life.

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