“A Suit of Power” - An Ode to the Black Suit

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

There's a bold aura surrounding a man who can wear a black suit properly. I have a high affinity for the measurable but straightforward aesthetics of an adequately tailored two buttoned black suit. It portrays an essential balance of elegance and gravity.

I can’t recall what influenced me to love the bold suit. Obviously, growing up in the 90’s it would have to be the movie Men in Black. As I grew older, I began to appreciate artists wearing black suits not as a fashion statement but for a more profound message. Quentin Tarantino has a way of doing so in most of his films whenever his memorable characters need to be emphasized. But the one who did this best was the “Man in Black” himself, Johnny Cash. His hypnotic heavy guitar strumming, his deep-soulful voice and the I don’t-give-a-shit attitude was accentuated by the black suits he wore. Even though he looks like your average older white American, it was how he held himself. How he embodied the mystery and power of a man, who can do whatever the fuck he wants that made him an iconic image. If he wore Elvis’s jumpsuits, then his iconic image would have been a joke and not something to be revered.

My current version is from Calvin Klein, which I bought on sale from Men’s Wearhouse. The suit is not a flat black but has a subtle shine reflected off its wool. Giving it a look that can be used both professionally and in a formal setting. But, I save mine for special occasions when I need to feel confident, mainly for weddings. But I wish for more reasons to wear it. I feel empowered when I’m in my black suit.

I feel the looks bestow on me as I make my way through a room. When I walk up to people, I feel like they are seeing an enhanced version of who I am, as somebody that needs to be heard. Is it the suit, myself or a combination of both? Or is it that I have a uniform on? I have my uniform on. I have something which represents me.

The tailored two-button jacket and pants, the white French-cuffed shirt with an unbuttoned top button; a loosen black silk tie and a pair of black Ray Ban wayfarers. The black makes me feel distinguished and someone who has gravity. The white shirt brings out my light-hearted personality and smile. The undone top button and loosen tie makes me approachable but also shows I’m ready to go to work (professionally and sexually) in a moment’s notice. The matte black Ray Ban’s add a sense of cool and mystery to me.

Yes, I have other suits. I wear my navy suit for interviews or any business meeting. I have grays and charcoals I wear for weddings or special events. But, it's my black suit I love the most. It’s the one I wear when I want, when I need, to make a statement of who I am. It is my suit of power.

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