Support Future Episodes


Do you have an interesting story to tell? Have you lived a unique life and unafraid to share your story, blemishes and all? I’m looking for people who lived remarkable lives so I can produce their story.

Please send me an email if you’re interested or know somebody who would be. Here are a few examples of the type of people I want to cover for future episodes:

  • A Hospice Nurse

  • An elderly person who lived a full life with wisdom to share

  • Someone who is terminally ill

  • A brew master, distiller or wine connoisseur

  • Legal Medical Marijuana Shop Owner

  • Lawyers practicing the following:

    o   Divorce

    o   Public Defenders

    o   Criminal, specifically someone who has experience defending homicide suspects

    o   Constitutional

  • Religious Community Leaders

  • Veterans from Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm or the Current War

  • Biker Gang Member

  • Gang member

  • Mafia Member

  • Drug Dealer

  • Reformed Felon

  • A Politician

  •  A Refugee

  • Retired Cop

  • survivor of a heinous crime

  • Satanist

  • Voodoo practitioner

  • Veterinarian

  • Madam

  • Sex worker

  • A significantly disabled person who has overcome their Disability

  • A Funeral Worker

  • A Professional Role Playing Gamer

  • A Professional Video Game Player

  • Pool Hustler

  • Underground wrestler

Or anyone else who lived a unique, adventurous life and has an excellent story to tell.