A Stoner's Beatitudes - A Poem

God, I love getting high.

My life is a grand journey filled with twists, storms, and surprises;

 and I’m grateful for every second of it!

I get to smoke pot.

I jerk off to porn high.

I love pot.


I’ve become the friend who gets you into those awkward situations which you regret at the moment but hysterically laugh at when your home alone.

The friend you’ll miss when you think of the good old times.


I’ve had sex!

Good sex, bad sex, and wrong sex.

Either way, it was sex!


I’ve been in love.

I’ve been in pain from love.

I’m grateful for not becoming bitter but taking the heartache as and a testament to the trials of love.

For the wrong women made me become the right man, for her.


I’ve met people.

All People.

A Person can be full of wonder, and they should be explored.

A person is a universe in of themselves.


Send me to the mountains.

I’ve grown weary of this Surf-life.

I wish to be with the trees, the snow and the majesty of nature.

Let me drink moonshine with new friends.

But I will miss the Florida nights. To listen to the frogs’ croak at night and feel the humidity settle in the Fall.

To have lived in New York and to remember the goldish yellow hue of the street lights, the smell of urine in the subway and the adventure she offers no matter where you turn.


It will be a crime if I die in a big, old lonely mansion with a fat bank account.

God, put me down at the moment when I’m surrounded by the love of my friends.


I will rather be strange and mad with the beauty of existence, than average and sane with the world painted gray.


What a time to be alive.

To know that the Nazi’s died and will never survive.

To be alive when France, the embodiment of beauty, exists.


The glorious, overwhelming feeling of having too much to watch on Netflix.

I thank God I live in a time where I get to watch Quentin Tarantinos’ films.

I get to read Plato, Thomas, King, Gaiman, and Steinbeck.

    While learning from Gladwell and Rogan, the modern philosophers.

I’ve learned to admire a leave of grass because Walt Whitman showed me the beauty of such.


To listen to the masters: Grohl, Redding, Cash, the Avetts, the Stones and Mercury.

To admire the eternal beauty of Van Gogh.

To love a hero brought to life by Mignola.


The banality of political opinion.

Republican. Democrat.

Two sides of the same coin in some billionaires pocket. 


I am grateful for having first world problems.

To live in a land of savory milk and honey.

Manna we take for granted.


To watch a full moon and dream of a love to come.

To sleep with her.

A love of Life

God, I love getting high.


Heaven can be a state of mind.

A Bliss within our grasps.

I thank God I’m alive.

Let’s take a hit.


I’m truly grateful for the great laugh I will get when you take what I’ve written seriously.

 Then you’ll laugh with me.

Be mad with the joys of life

You’ll be high, just like me.

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