Forbidden Love - A Poem

I’ve met you at your bachelorette party;

That was five years ago, and you have never left my thoughts.

I’ve analyzed, rationalized my attraction to you.

Was it knowing you were marrying another man?

Was it the night we shared?

The memory we created?

Your head on my shoulder as we watched the world danced?

Or was it the last long look into each other’s eyes as we said goodbye?

I wish I never held back.


Five years have gone by, each day thinking of you.

You’ve become my muse, my Elpis, my ideal.

Five years and I can only conclude that there is no rational reason.

No logic.

No dignity.

Just Love.


Women have come and gone like sand with the tide.

They’ve once held a place in my heart but faded away with time.

But, the thought of you has endured,

Like a mountain against a breeze.


Aware of the immorality, the rational doubt, and the painful thought that you may never think of me;

My heart knows a truth which cannot be defined.

You’ve become my mark, my hope, a reason to become a better man.

Even if this is all delusional,

Does it make it less true?

My heart knows,

And that is enough.

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