At Last - A Poem

I have never been in love for if I had then I would have been your man.

I search every day hoping for one night to have your head dreaming on my chest.

I may be a fool, a glutton for punishment 'cause I keep asking them, all in the hope it would be you.

To dance with you until the end.

I fear of dying before finding you. I have done many things but to love another more than myself, I have not.

Life can be unfair but I have been fortunate to live the life I lived.

But is it selfish to ask, can I just love you?

Can I be your champion?

Am I a fool because of the idea of you?

Do you exist?

Am I delusional for believing in you?

She exists! She exists! She exists!

You exist! You exist because I exist.

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Andrew Franks