Joe - A Poem

A man can have hundreds of friends but none will equal to Joe,

For he is a friend like no other,

In our generation people have forgotten the worth and warmth of loyalty,

To have a friend at the end of all things is more splendid than any jewel in existence.

Oh, to have a friend in the brightest of days and the roughest of storms!

I have had friends, who I treated as family,

But how quickly they disappeared when trouble entered,

Like the light flickered off when my day became black.

But never have I felt like that with Joe.

I must have done something right to earn the friendship of a man who embodies the noble qualities lacking in today’s world.

I am blessed to be his friend.

Oh, to have a friend like Joe!

What have I done right to deserve a friend like he?

The world can be cruel and unforgiving. Life can sometimes be insurmountable but to have a friend like he at your side can make it feel all the worthwhile.

 And when the world beat me to my knees and I was left with nothing but my fears and tears, I had Joe and that was all I needed.

I wish to you all that you will have a friend like Joe.

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