Lubec - A Poem


There is a town called Lubec that lies as the eastern most town of the United States.

There is a lighthouse in this town you must go to, for it is the most eastern point of the most eastern town of the United States.

You must go there before the dawn breaks, for the solace of your soul.

At the eastern part of the lighthouse there is a smooth granite slab in the ground, you must stand on that hallowed step.

The skies will dance to the waking light, as they turn lovely oranges and rosy reds.

You will watch the clouds gently float in the air as if they were lightly brushed there by the unknown artist.

You will hear the ocean gently break against the shores and the morning birds greet the nightly owls.

You will feel the cold morning air kiss and rejuvenate your body.

You will stand on this hallowed step and be inspired by wonder and majestic of the sun rising over the horizon of possibilities.

The warmth will rejuvenate your very soul and the sun’s light will reflect off the water as if it is showing you a path.

You will dance as a joyous child and sing your song for heaven to hear.

For this is a path, a path to where hope and love live again.

You must go to this town of Lubec, the eastern most town of the United States to find profound proof that life is beautiful and where hope prevails.

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