Red - A Poem

My heart beats faster for every step I take closer to her.

She waits in the distance for me as only a true love would.

My cheeks hurt from the smile she puts on my face.

“Hello, baby.” The greeting she misses.

I slowly caress her curves, feeling her smooth skin underneath my eager fingertip.

Her face glows red and she trembles upon my touch.

The world may judge her beauty but to me she is perfect.

She has her scars and I have mine.

She is mine and I am hers.

She waits for my embrace but I deny her for a moment; for in that moment she tells me with her eyes how much she wants me.

Too long we have waited for each other; I no longer deny her.

We are together again, for I am hers and she is mine.

The question I must ask her.

The question I have waited to ask her since the last good-bye.

Her answer would make our love eternal.

A love that stories would be told from.

“Shall we go on an adventure?”

She gently holds my hands and smiles.

Her answer is perfect.

She is perfect.

We walk into the unknown, together.

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