Sunglasses - A Poem

I pick up the sunglasses on my dashboard and put them on so she doesn’t see my eyes.

I hold her in my arms one last time and as we say good-bye.

The hard truth of us possibly never seeing each other again overwhelmed me but I wear my sunglasses so she doesn’t see my eyes, not wanting her to see me at my weakest but I lie to myself and say she was just a fling.

I walked her to her gate and gave her the last kiss we’ll ever have but I fake a smile and put on my charm to hide the pain.

Finally understanding what Sam Smith had sung about,

I sat back in my car and kept the sunglasses on to hide my eyes from the world.

I looked in the mirror; the sunglasses may hide my eyes from the world, from her and from myself, but it doesn’t hide the tears rolling down my cheek.

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