The Dark and Narrow Path - A Poem

I walk alone on this dark and narrow path,

Not knowing where I am headed and running from where I came,

I walk alone because that’s all I know,

To depend on oneself and to rely on only the unreliability of people,

I walk this dark and narrow path alone,

And I have become colder ever since I first set foot on this path,

Forgetting if I am a man or the monsters in the shadows of the forest,

I have accepted the bitterness of my resentment to the ones I once loved,

Their betrayal is the sharpest of all knives.

I walk this path alone, this dark and narrow path because it’s sincerer and fairer than the world I’ve left.

But it still burns inside me.

I push it down, I try to forget, and tell myself how foolish I am for still holding onto it,

But inside us all, even the broken ones, is hope.

I cannot deny its loving glow on this dark and narrow path;

No matter how black this path has become, its glow has also shined through,

No matter how dim it has gotten, hope has never been snuffed out.

Now is the time to walk back into the light,

To forgive the lands I left behind, 

And to live for my dreams,

Because in the end there is and shall always be hope.

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