Fuck - An Inappropriate Poem

Upon this fucking beautiful day, I lay on the park’s fucking lush grass for a needed rest.

The laughter of children fucking playing brings a smile upon my fucking weary face.

The chirping of the fucking birds brings ease to my fucking aching body.


As I lay here on this bed of grass, a familiar scent catches my fucking attention.

The fucking smell of lavender and vanilla whisk me away to a time before.

Fuck, to a memory which I rarely visit.

I close my fucking eyes to see you once again.


When I first laid my gaze upon you, I could not help but stare in fucking disbelief of the beauty which is you.

“Who the fuck are you?!” I said with wonder and glee as if I found an exquisite gift from God and I needed to discover everything about the miracle which is yourself.

A fucking surprise, your deep brown eyes were locked into mine as I was helpless to look away.

The fucking moment I first held you was to dance under the hypnotic strum of the soulful band.

To hold you close and to smell the fucking lavender and vanilla was enough to make me feel anew;

When I finally kissed your sweet fucking lips, I had nearly forgotten my life before that moment, as your body quivered in my arms.


Fucking giddy as children; we talked, danced and kissed through the wonderous night until the soulful band could play no more and the tavern lights flickered its last flame.

Laughing and holding each other as we walked to your hotel, I had a serious fucking moment and realized you would are leaving in the morning.

We stood in front of your room door, both making the moment fucking last as we stared deeply into each other’s eyes.

A tear rolled down your fucking fair cheek, as you had the same thought of never seeing each other again after the morrow.


The moment of fucking silence and sadness flickered away as I wrapped your waist with my arms and embraced you fully.

We surrendered to the moment, to our passions, to our fucking hearts.

The fucking door swung open as I carried you in, our lips never unlocking as I gently laid you on your bed.

You surrendered to me, and I fucking ravished your body.

“Fuck… Fuck… Fuck!” You moaned with unleashed ecstasy as we made love the only way lovers could.


Our passions fucking quenched but our hearts wanting more;

We did not fucking sleep but held each other’s body close, as if our hearts wanted to embrace.

We both shared each other’s hidden truth, our lies, and our fucking hopes;

No longer wanting to know fucking life without the other.


The sun’s early rays washed over our fucking opened eyes as we never slept;

I watch you dress and pack, a fucking bitter-sweet privilege.

A word never fucking was spoken as we walked to your departure gate;

Our hands never unlocked since leaving the fucking hotel;

We stood in front of each other, locking eyes one last time.


You were fucking never meant to be mine, but we shared a night in one life;

One night to rekindle the hope of love never fucking taught or spoken.

We kissed one fucking last time;

I tasted you ever fucking sweet lips with the salt of your tears streaming from your eyes.

I held you close and hard; asking you to please fucking stay.

Overwhelmed, you could not answer and cried as your left my arms to board that fucking train.


I could not fucking keep my tears at bay as I watched you leave me, to be worlds apart.

You looked back at me crying but yelled one last fucking message to me.

Three last words over the fucking train departing;

With all your fucking heart and soul, you looked into my eyes and yelled, “I love…”


A fucking soccer ball hits me as my eyes readjust back to the brilliant sun and found myself again on the fucking lush grass.

I wiped a fucking tear from my eye as I wished you were laying with me in this park,

Alas, you are just a memory again.


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