To Slay? - A Short Story

Once upon a time, there was a Dragon who preyed on the villages. He would swoop in and steal the livestock, steal the villages treasures and kidnap the women.

Three knights separately went to face the Dragon.

The First was a vein and arrogant man. He used his looks and charm to manipulate the villagers into despicable acts and always took more than his share. The reason why he was allowed to continue his behavior was because the villagers believed they needed his protection. The First Knight went to the cave of the Dragon with no plan, and was withered to no more then ash and his lovely hair.

The Second was a cold and cruel man. He fought battles and wars for the joy of bloodlust. He relished in the power and thrill he felt from bringing the enemy on his knees and mercilessly killing a man. He was clever for he kidnapped a lovely villager and used her as bait for an elaborate trap he set. The Dragon, however, was smarter than the knight and did not fall for his trap but found the Second Knight hiding in the bushes; the Dragon gave him a slow and painful death. Oddly, the Dragon set the villager free before he began torturing the Second Knight.

The Third Knight was a wise and kind man. Often quiet, but always pondering, he would do good deeds in secret and used his strength for good and justice. He searched for the Dragons lair and came across it in the dead of night. He snuck in and quietly observed for hours as the Dragon fed the women and then fell asleep. He waited until the Dragon was in a deep slumber and slowly made his way to the Dragon’s throat. When he finally reached the Dragon’s throat, he unsheathed his sharp sword and placed it carefully on its scales. The Third Knight woke the Dragon but ordered it not to move or it will slice its head off. The Dragon did not move and the Third Knight asked why he terrorized the villages. The Dragon began to cry and said, “I stole the treasures because I thought being rich would make me happy but it didn’t. I kidnapped the women so I wouldn’t be lonely but they didn’t love me so I would steal the livestock to feed them in the hopes that they one day would love me. I killed your Knights out of self defense but I wished not to harm them. Please, take my life because so I can be free of the sadness and loneliness.”

The Knight took pity on the creature and let him live. He made the Dragon free the women and returned the treasures; then The Knight made a vow to never abandoned the Dragon and spent the rest of their lives together as friends.

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