Youth - A Poem

When I was young I once moved across the states to live in a city for a day then walked home because I could.

When I was young, I had made love to a woman for the first time at the world’s most magical place.

When I was young, I had run away from abuse and became stronger from it.

Oh, how I was young.

When I was young, I had fallen madly in love with a Scouse and had planned to marry her only for her to break my heart cruelly.

But on those lonely nights, I miss her smile, and part of me will always love her.

When I was young, I had loved a good girl from the South who made me smile and gave me hope to love again only for her to not love me in return.

Oh, how I was young.

I do not regret the bad and do not blame the hurt, now that I am older I appreciate all the things that made me, me. I no longer care about others opinions, I do not seek pleasure from pain, and I no longer doubt in who I am. I love my life. I love myself. No matter how old I get, I will always be young.

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