A Call to Adventure - A Poem

Come along, my friend;

There is no time for despair,

We have adventures to go on.


It’s OK, my sweet child,

To feel lost and frightened.

You will grow into something unimaginably beauty from the doubt you once had,

Once you accept life and yourself.

You’ll feel the sweet embrace of love around your heart

And you’ll hear the sweet song of hope joyfully leap in your ears.


To feel your feet dance wildly with the woman you love,

Her warm cheek against yours keeps you tethered,

Her aroma kindles the fire within.

Her voice makes the world quiver when she whispers those precious words into your ear.

The passionate sex, oh the passion,

Each time is a celebration of the wholeness you found in each other.

To call her "my love."

Oh, to call her "my love."


The adventures of life are boundless and of plenty,

While staying precious and unique to each one of us.


The sun rises, the sun rises no matter what.

A blessing from the mystical.

The sun sets, the sun sets in the end.

The crisp fall twilight warmed by the campfire,

Surrounded by stories told by your friends,

A perfect end.


How sweet it is to live.

So much wonder in a lifetime,

So much challenge.

But heaven is here and now, only a thought away.


To bring joy is sublime.

To bring joy to a heavy heart is to practice the divine.

May the beauty of my words kiss you, bless you from beyond my grave,

And connect us through time,

As we share this bond in life.

Andrew Franks