The Uber: A Modern Day Horror Story

Bing, the happy tone notified me of a new passenger to pick up. The sun was setting on a beautiful warm day, and for the first time in a while, I feel at peace with life. I have my first steady job in 2 years, and I’ve been doing Uber on the weekends to pay off my debt. The side-hustle is not bad; I wished it paid more since all the expenses are on the driver. But at least I get to meet some interesting people and not so interesting folks; like the two bachelors I just dropped off with one advising the other “You should offer to buy her Plan-B to show her your sincere.”

I made a U-turn in my silver Ford Taurus on 3rd Street and headed north to the passenger’s location. This next passenger will be my last one; I want to get some dinner and enjoy my Friday night. It’s been a while since I had some spending money and I was looking forward to bar hopping and checking out a live band, maybe I’ll get lucky tonight.

I snapped out of my thought when a message from Laurie, the passenger, pinged on my phone. She asked me to pick her up at Jack Russel park and wait for her in the parking lot. Usually, I’m hesitant about picking up a stranger in a park but it was in the affluent neighborhood, and there was a police station across from it; plus, she might be hot and single. I picked up a woman last year who invited me inside her house for my tip. I’ve been hoping it will happen again ever since.

I pulled into the empty parking lot and swiped the icon on the app to notify her that I had arrived. I looked around and saw nobody insight besides the cars driving by on the street. My heart began to race. Something didn’t feel right. I looked around one more time and saw no one in the park. No cars. No children on the swings. No joggers. Not even a policeman taking a smoke break outside the station. I went to cancel the ride and drive off but was startled when I heard the car door behind me open.

“Laurie?” I asked.

The heavy metal clicks of the hammer of the gun being cocked rung in my ears, was followed by the hard-cold muzzle pressed against the back of my head. My eyes darted to the rear-view mirror and saw the stainless-steel revolver jammed against my head. I followed the smooth-skinned hand but steadfast hand to the petite, curly brown-haired woman holding it. She hid her head behind the headrest before I can see her face. The barrel is pressed harder against my head, her way of telling me to keep my eyes front.

“Listen, I don’t have any money, and I’m not going to lose my life over a car. Just take what you want and leave me be. I haven’t seen your face.” I begged.

“Your phone. Take out the battery.” She demanded.

I took a moment to steady my trembling hand before reaching for my phone, wishing there was an emergency button on the app to send a silent alert to the police. Wishing she sat in the front seat so I can overpower her small frame.

The phone and the battery were now apart, and I held them up to show them to her.

“Toss them.”

I rolled down my window and threw them outside, the glass screen shattering on the asphalt. She then tapped something on my shoulder.

“The same thing with this one,” Laurie said.

I reached back and grabbed the familiar object tapping on my shoulder. Confused, I hesitated when I saw her phone in my hands. The hesitation lasted for a brief moment as she nudged the gun in the back of my head, her phone came apart quickly as I tossed them out too.

“Do you know where King’s Lot is?” She asked.

“Poe and Flynn St?”

“Yeah. Here are the rules and listen carefully because one deviation will lead you to a slow agonizing death as I shoot kneecap and kneecap then testicle and testicle in that order. Understand?”

“Yes,” I spurted out. I’m terrified and furious. I’m scared to get my knees and balls blown out, but I also want to take the gun from her and beat her to death with it.

“Keep all the windows rolled up and take the backroads there. No sudden movements, no glances to me so you can make a plan, and keep your hands on the wheel the entire time. Most of all, don’t look back here, don’t ever look at me — not one single glare. My gun is pointed at your spine the entire time I’m back here, remember that. Understand?”


“Drive,” she ordered.

I drove out of the parking lot and made my way to the abandoned King’s Lot car dealership. It was an infamous dealership known for its crooked deals and the federal prison time the owner and half the salesman received for fraud. But it was the over lavished 80’s coke-fiend yuppie décor of the building that made it infamous. It reminded me of The Wolf of Wall Street meets American Psycho with its white walls and tiles, gold chandeliers and oil-paintings of historical battles. The place has become dilapidated by burglars and vandals and now used as a smoking den for meth heads.

The drive there takes typically 15 minutes but time was moving faster for me as my thoughts raced and my heart throbbed in panic. I heard movement coming from behind me, but I resisted the urge to look back. In the corner of my eye, I could only see her legs as she lied down on the back seat. I can dreadfully assume her gun was still pointed to my back.

I turned the corner on Flynn St. and was only a mile away from Poe. Sweat cascaded from my hands and off the steering wheel as I had 5 minutes before we arrived at our final destination. We stopped at a red light, and to my surprise, a police cruiser stopped in the turn lane next to us. I wanted to jump out. I wanted to take the chance and run out of my car and get to the cop as fast as I can. I can only assume Laurie’s silence meant she didn’t see the police, maybe I have a chance. Maybe I won’t die.

But fear paralyzed me, stopping me from salvation, as I helplessly watched the cop make the left turn and go on with his shift, unaware of the strange kidnapping happing in the car next to him.

“I would have blown your balls off if you reached for the door handle,” Laurie said.


My teeth and asshole clenched as the Taurus pulled into King’s Lot, coming to an unnerving stop. Ominous silence filled the air as I waited, and prayed that I would be granted an escape of whatever horror she had planned for me.

The silence broke when she opened both back doors and did something with them for a moment. I quickly glanced into my side mirrors and saw her switching on the child safety locks on both doors.

“What the fuck…” I said baffled.

My door flew open, and my captor finally revealed herself. She was small, barely above five feet, and petite, she wore a white dress with sunflower print matched with a pair of yellow Converses and her cornflower purse. Her brown curls paired beautifully with her green eyes and tanned skin; the only thing that was more distracting than her beauty was her revolver pointed to my head.

“Take this, now.” She ordered as she handed me something palmed in her free hand. I held out my hand as she dropped a little blue pill into it. I looked down and saw the familiar “V” logo I’ve seen on the erectile dysfunction commercials.

“What the fuck is going on?” I belted out. “Why did you kidnap me? Why are you forcing me to take Viagra?”

Her response was pressing the cold barrel against my head and counting down, “5…4…3…”

I popped the bitter tasting pill in my mouth and swallowed. Immediately she looked at her slim gold watch and noted the time.

“Get out slowly and turn your back towards me once you’re out.”

Following her orders, I left the safety of my car and Laurie walked me into the abandoned building with her gun jammed in my back. Blood was no longer rushing to my legs so I can run but flowing to my engorging penis, which I desperately wished it wouldn’t come erect. The mixture of the Viagra, adrenaline, terror and utter confusion nearly caused me to heave out my lunch a few times into the building, but I held it in, afraid she might get trigger happy.

She walked me into a dark corner office, which stank of mold and piss, and had me lay flat on the soiled carpet, with my arms spread far apart. Laurie kept her distance and had the advantage with me on the ground, which made tactical sense, but what she did next only added to the insanity. She reached underneath her dress and tore her panties off with a few hard yanks.

“I need you to listen carefully on what’s going to happen next” She commanded. “I want you to unzip your jeans and pull them down to your knees. You’re not to make eye contact with me and don’t even fucking move your hands. If I see a finger lift off the ground, then I’m emptying the gun point blank into your chest. Now tell me you understand.”

“I do,” I said as tears trickled down my cheek.

Laurie stood over me for a moment, and I closed my eyes. She pressed the revolver on my chest, over my heart, and I felt her dry flesh around my pharmaceutically engorged member as she began to straddle me painfully. She pounded her hips against mine which made the pain excruciating as I felt the foreskin being torn off my penis and her vagina becoming lubricated from the blood. I wanted it to end. I wanted this fear and the rape to be a bad dream, hoping I was passed out at home and I was going to wake up from this terrible dream. But the terror and helplessness turned to a numb void as I went into shock with the last words mumbled out of my mouth, “Why are you doing this?”

Lucidity struck me hard as I felt something sharp dig into my forehead. I opened my eyes, and Laurie’s palm was over my face with her fingers digging into my scalp.

“What…” I said before she clawed her sharp nails across my face. I screamed in agony and panicked when I bled into my eyes, causing them to burn and making me unable to see. I rolled over to my side and used my shirt to wipe the blood out of my eyes. I was able to gain my eyesight back to watch Laurie take black zip-ties out of her purse.

The helplessness was replaced with rage as I reconciled that death was better than being a victim. I was about to lunge at her until I saw this inconceivable kidnapping and rape become stranger. She put the zip-ties around her wrist and tightened them by pulling the plastic strap with her teeth, shackling herself.

Not wasting the opportunity, I pushed myself off of the soiled and bloodied carpet and flew towards her with one leap. I tackled her into the wall and began wrestling for the gun. Her adrenaline kicked in, and she kept a secure grip on the revolver. She kneed me in my raw cock, and I screamed in agony, but I refused to stop wrestling for the gun.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Three shots went off in both our hands as one of us pulled the trigger. Three more shots and the gun would be empty. I reached my finger for the trigger and pulled feverously. Three more deafening shots followed by the clicks of the firing pin hitting spent shells. She threw the gun at me as I pushed her off of me, but she missed. I was ready to throw my weight into punching her until I saw her run for the door. I gave chase as we ran through the decrepit dealership. We were nearly out the door when I saw the blue and red flashing lights coming to us. I slowed down and felt the sweet relief of rescue began to overtake me. I was finally safe.

“Help me! Help me! He tried to rape me!” Laurie screamed.

I came to a complete stop as I tried to register what she just said. Why did she say I tried to rape her? Then the realization rushed over me. Both smartphones would have my fingerprints on it and suggest I discarded them to keep them from being pinpointed by the cell towers and keep her from calling for help. Laurie putting on the child lock on my car doors, the torn panties, and the zip-ties on her wrist would imply I kidnapped her against her will. The Viagra so I would be able to keep an erect penis during the painful penetration so there would be DNA in and on her. The gun fired in both of our hands so gunshot residue would be all over us. Laurie clawing my face would suggest self-defense. Laurie set me up as her rapist.

“He tried to rape me!” she cried as the police pulled up and came to her rescue.

Multiple guns were aimed at me with the police screaming orders at me. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t register why she would do this to a stranger. I was about to go into shock again until I felt a heavy boot kick me in the back and I fell face first into the marble floor. The cold metal handcuffs tightened around my wrists, and the world went black.


Three Months Later

I woke up with the heavy lull of depression hanging over me, as I rolled out of my hard-twin bed and was welcomed by my dreary gray cell. My trial was tomorrow, but I wasn’t optimistic. The police wouldn’t believe the inconceivable truth of the events of that hellish night. All of the evidence, the news, and the media were against me. My bloodied mugshot was juxtaposed with her beautiful, evil face and I was labeled a monster by the entire would. Nobody would believe that a 110lbs white women could ever do something as heinous as kidnapping, raping and framing a 210lbs brown man. Even my state-appointed attorney didn’t believe me, which was advertised by the expression of disgust he has every time we met to discuss the trial.

Depression hit me hard, and I was placed on suicide watch for a few days. The despair wasn’t just from being in prison but from the question which plagued me since that night, why did she do it? This question obsessively repeated in my head for three months and I can never come to a rational answer.

“You’ve got a visitor,” the guard said to me through my cell door slit.

I was escorted to the visitor room and was sat down behind a plexiglass partition, and to my horror, I saw who was sitting on the other side.

“How’s prison?” Laurie asked.

I was filled with rage and imagined myself breaking through the window and strangling her skinny neck. It would take me one quick twist to break it and I didn’t care if I got the death penalty for it, I just wanted her to die by my hands.

A surge of questions went through me, but only one will suffice, the one that plagued me since that night.


Laurie paused for a moment and entertained the answer. She looked around to make sure nobody was listening and leaned close to the vents in the glass.

“Because I could,” she said with a smile on her face.