To Wreck Me Home - A Poem

She stopped me underneath the streetlight and stared longingly into my eyes.

 “I want lots of kids, a big house and a happy life.

To be a queen to a king, to have a kingdom, to be admired,” she said.

I looked back listlessly, unsure of this modern life.

“What are you looking for?” she asked.


I am of the strange and the odd.

Cut from the unusual cloth,

Torn to living an ordinary, mediocre but safe life.

Income, a plain wife and stability await me on this pathed path.

But my heart, my soul craves the unknown road.


“What are you looking for,” she asked again.

I’m looking for the naked bay, the next adventure.

An undeniable rocky shore to wreck me home,

Because that’s all there is.


I kissed her cheek,

And walk off into the night.

Nothing good lies ahead for me,

But that’s where the best stories are.


A bar with no name, no address but can be found by those who seek it, opens its doors for me.

I pull up a stool between two familiar strangers.

The one to my left dressed in black, lights a cigarette and says,

“I am destruction, chaos, and entropy.

My name is only spoken by the East Wind.

We will all meet one day,

Some dread the day we do,

Others greet me with grace.

My existence is both a tragedy and a blessing.”


The woman to my right in a sunflower dress drinks the fruitful wine and replies in kind,

“I am life, order, and hope.

My name can never be spoken but only felt by those who dare.

All desire to meet me, all can meet me, but only the bold do.

Come, my friends; let me heal you.”


I think of the woman I left behind,

Should I've left her?

Would my life be better walking to a warm home with her?

The two familiar strangers sit between me in the bar of life.

They smile.

I smile.

We wander off into the unknown together.





PoemAndrew Franks