“To Exist with You” and “A Turning Cheek” - Poems


To Exist with You

Gentle, gentle; was her grasp as her rosy skin made of soft silk caressed my weary face.

Each neuron and receptor exploded with ecstasy as she brought my heart roaring alive, with such a gentle touch.

Subtle, subtle; how can one subtle smile, with a crook in her lips and a blush to her cheek, bring such cataclysmic joy to my soul?

She is my star guiding me through the night, my gift from the heavens embodied in such a subtle being.

I can never escape her gravity, nor do I want to.


Warmth, warmth; the warmth of her in my arms welcomes me home

A home which can never shelter us from the wind and rain, but from life’s unknowns.

I am her strength, and she is mine.


Love, Love; oh, how wonderful it is for her to say my name. To hear her speak a quivering truth.

Reality becomes sweeter than paradise when she speaks my name followed by those three small, potent words.

Time had no relevance until a moment with her became eternal.

We fly through this infinite unknown, to an uncharted place among the stars;

How miraculous of a thing it is to exist with you.


A Turning Cheek

To seek kindness in a man,

And past the pain buried under the hateful words bespoken.

To see the time of when he was once a child with a heart of untarnished wonder.

To look past the angered and weathered face,

And counter his wrath by uncovering his soul and showing him who he can still become.

Doing this insurmountable act would guarantee to end the war between us.

Doing this will save the souls of all.