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36: He Makes Gay Porn, He's a Prostitute, and He's a Pretty Good Guy

Jason (his alias) is a gay/bi porn star, a prostitute and also has a regular job helping people. We talk about the common misconceptions about the porn industry, his business as a gigolo, the issues of living a double life, and how he spends time with his boyfriend and the charity he supports. Try to find him on Tom "Ropes" McGurk.

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06: I make $350 an Hour, I’m a Prostitute

She makes $5.83 a minute. Ms. Sasha Benjamin (her alias) is a fascinating woman who definitely lived A Taboo Life. We discuss the moral, business, legal and economic aspects of her life as a prostitute. In addition to the rewards…and the risks of her profession. This episode is definitely an insightful episode, which I ask you to suspend your preconceptions and just listen to her story.

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